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Take care of your head space.

How are you feeling beautiful soul. This is a message of love from me to you because we need it now more than ever.

I could give you all sorts of remedies but just go on social media and you will find so many tips from experts around the globe on how to stay strong with herbs in the midst of a virus outbreak.

I am thinking of your mental health. Sometimes what we feel can be an energy of the collective and it might not belong to us but we think it does.

If I follow the cycle of health that I teach and believe in, dis-ease starts in your head, so if you are runing around scared and anxious you will lower your immunsystem. You will either self indulge or let others feel it and you would have continued the fear and anxiety cycle of the collective.

Let's break the cycle.

Here is a set to do just that!

17 minutes guys. Can you do it?

Sometimes we do not realise that we are mentally unstable until we do something about it. It is easy to get self destructive and we all know that that is not a solution to any problem. It will only make things worse. Here is a 17  minute set to help you get out of your funk that you might not know that you are in. From here you will see things more clearly and you will be able to act more accordingly towards your higher self.


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