Let's enhance our life in every possible way! These yoga sets are between 3 to 45 minutes and consists of breath work, movement, relaxation and meditation that will raise your frequency in a great way,  so that you will attract health wealth, and peace of mind.


This is where you start your frequency yoga journey. You will learn how to breathe in different ways and how to successfully meditate with ease 
Do each video after another and finish with the final set. This will get you ready for the Intermediate level. With the beginners set you will keep your energetic body healthy and clear from disease. You will get an understanding and gain control of your own health. 


Intermediate is when you have mastered the breath and the meditation part in the beginners. The videos are between 3-10 minutes long and you can do them one by one or you can combine them in any way you wish. It is a safe and very gratifying practice as you will enhance your own healing abilities and you will get a better understanding of how your energy feels inside of your body.


If you have successfully done most of the videos on intermediate then you are ready for the longer playlists and the standing positions. These ancient mystic but modernized yoga sets are probably the most powerful frequency work that you can do for yourself to create ultimate health for your body mind and soul in a very short period of time. Time to transform yourself to who you truly are.


Time for some mind yoga. It is always good to do the physical work to feel better. If you vibrate at at higher frequency you will attract a better life for yourself. In these 20 minute talks and mini sets Kristina will give some insight into the physical work and why we do it. She will also share her insights and hopefully, some of it will resonate with your truth.


Swedish library contains around hundred videos to strengthen and heal every part of your life. If it is for mental health or physical empowerment and strength. You can use the categories to navigate all the videos. Starting with the beginner videos and continue your way forward to the more lenghty and powerful exercises as you evolve in your practice.


Lifebooster is a 21 day course that originates for Shuksma Viyama the original Kundaliniyoga. This is level a level 1 course so it is great for beginners. Anyone can do this and the final yoga set is designed to work on every aspect of your life. Physical energetic and mental. This is all you need to stay really happy and ealthy and to continuously feel better.