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Kristina Kumlin

Kristina started her kundaliniyoga practice in 1995.

She is a Sat Namrasayan, Harmonium healer, Hypnotherapist, Naam yogi, taoist, medical chi Gong practitioner and still learing the Tai Chi form.

Always ready to find the fastest way to health and self healing.


Ex top model, ex drug addict, ex wannabe actress that finally found comfort, happiness and  most of all, herself, thanks to yoga and meditation.

Kristina Studied film and video editing in New York and had created, along with the music, the videos on this site. Mantra music artist-producer with her third single on Spotify.

"Self love is the fastest way to feel unconditional love wich leads to freedom. 
Freedom leads to mental health fysical health."

These videos will help you find  great sensitivity and balance in yourself. This site should be a place where you can recharge yourself and take charge of your own health and your own life.