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This yoga site is developed by yoga therapist Kristina Kumlin. Kristina wants to bring the awareness of creating self healing for ourselves. You can influence your own mind to live a positive and healthy life with simple and effective tools that we can use it in our everyday life.  

 KK combines scientific research on yoga & meditation that aims to provide you with knowledge about what strengthens the body's self-healing capabilities and, in the long run, counteracts and prevents dis-ease.


About the videos

Kristina Kumlin offers free online guided therapeutic yoga and meditation set in video format based on your unique needs under the categories of stress, anxiety, back headache, sleep, enhanced energy and body strength.

The yoga sets are between 3 to 45 minutes and consists of breath work relaxation mediation and movement, which can be performed anywhere at anytime.

The yoga is based on Kundaliniyoga, one of the oldest yoga forms the world knows, and known for its fast and clear effects on your energetic body, the heart, the nerves and the glandular system.​

I could spend hours telling how Kristina and the KK yoga site has changed my life. Kristina is a true inspirer who really sees and brings out the best in you. Thanks to her and her practices I now live and act closer to my mind, body and heart than ever before. It doesn´t matter if I do 3 or 60 minutes per day, the result is always the same. I feel more happy, calm,  thankful, strong, present and make better everyday choices. I highly recommend the KK site and the wide variation of practices which I truly believe can give something for everyone.

Marika Kehrer 


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