New Video, look and updates.

New Video. Shake it. Why not shake away excess stress or tension, Shake away excess stress or tension, and any di-ease in you might feel in your body to feel whole and balanced. Stagnation is not our friend and this video is perfect for just getting rid of stagnation. The trick is to not give up. If you feel tired during the exercise, shake even more . Stretch the confines of your mind and ego telling you that you are "too tired to continue". Maybe you will experience something you have never felt before; Pure BLISS

Relax right after and dissolve.

New Look and features.

A search feature has been put up in the videos page so you can fast and easily find your favorite video. Just go to the page and click on all videos. You will find a search bar on the left side.

Times are changing and there are amazing energy coming to assist us in the ascension process. You will feel the energy very fast if you do this kind of yoga.

Enjoy and ride the wave. More to come.

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