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Happy love day!

New Kristina Kumlin Direct video.

This is a post wether you have someone to celebrate with or not.

When I was single I used to think Valentine was a bit depressing. I used to feel sorry for myself and a bit frustrated to tell you the truth. Envious about others that they had a date and not me. Today I can see how wrong I was.

Valentine is about celebrating love. Love is free and infinite. It does not cling to anything or anyone and you can access it anytime.

I used to think that love only came in a form of a boyfriend a child or a parent and maybe if I was lucky, through a good friend.

Something outside of myself that came knocking.

Today love starts with me. I am in charge of my own love and the love I can give.

This video will help you loosen the resistance around your heart so that you can feel the love and let it blossom. After the set you will feel really fresh in your heart- space and if you have a headache this set will hopefully take care of it.

Happy love day.

I love you, Kristina


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