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Very exited over my new production.

Har Hare Hari is a very powerful mantra that brings a lot of light. I have always wanted to do this one with this particular BPM. Tomorrow I will go to my teacher and start the mixing process so that it can have a place in my next album. Stay tuned for more.

You can preview my new mantra in this latest release, Circulation workout.

This 5 minute practice will help you keep up if you feel that you don't have much time to do a proper set. This one is just a cosy 5 minutes and you will feel refreshed re-energised. A great way to start and end your day.

Have a beautiful week.

With love, Kristina

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Åh gick på stranden igår och försökte sjunga den ... men kom inte riktigt ihåg 🙏🏻 längtar också efter att du ska göra trippel mantra - kan den fortfarande inte. 1000 kärlek 💕

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