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New Video: Energy booster for love

The mot powerful healing frequency is love. When a baby cries and the mother gives the baby love and attention, the baby stops crying. When my son used to hurt himself, he used to run to me to get at kiss and the pain suddenly vanished.

For some reason we are programed to not believe this. We think we need pills for all kinds of ailments and we do not care about are the side effects that come along with the pill. As long as we get rid of the pain we think that we are healed. But did we really get to the root of the problem?

Love is the answer. With love you become neutral, you become fearless so you can allow yourself to be ask yourself the questions for healing to take place. This does not apply to a broken arm but any emotional healing for sure.

This video will hopefully help you to open up and feel the love that you have for yourself. Let go of all else and be. Because your natural state is love.

Start every morning with this for the next week and let me know how you feel.

I love you


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