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Kristinas Corona thoughts:

Who isn't glued to the news about finding messages of hope during a time like this.

I am for sure guilty.

I listened to a historian today and he said if we where to look back at this time, it would not be because of the death toll but because of the world shutting down so fast.

There is a saying I really like: "Fear is false evidence appearing real."

"Where there is love there is no fear". So love, just love.

I hope you enjoy the set. DO IT! It will make you feel better. The music is loud and if you have ever been to my classes this is how I like to roll.

Just do it, keep the frequency high and find the love and light in everything.

Stay safe!

By the way! Happy Spring Equinox!! First day of spring.

Time to continue to shine. Now more than ever.

Channelling: Only If you are open to stuff like this. She is really cool actually.

Corona virus meditation: Meet Jerry. Super powerful guy from another galaxy.

To stay cool: I love this guy. A doctor saying things that makes sense.

Astrologic predictions and thinking. Very cool to see how the stars and planets are aligned. It is crazy! We love Kaypacha <3

Blod type can play a role. New studies.

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