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Happy year of love

After 25 years of practice and searching for the most potent healing in all the arts known to me, I realise how easy it is really.

It is all about the energy of the heart center. The "heart brain" as a great teacher in the Kundaliniyoga community, Guru Singh, calls it. The heart energy is truly the healing serum for everything in space and time.

The heart energy is the feeling of unconditional love. A place of fearlessness, absence of ego and body of pain. When you are in love, and choose love, things become easy.

No more "shoulds".

When I was in treatment for drug addiction, one of the first things my teachers told me was; never say should. Replace it with could.

I didn't really understand but I faked it. Every time I heard myself say should, I stopped myself and I substituted the word should to the word could.

It did not make sense to me really but I did it anyway.

Now it makes sense but in a different way.

If I feel that I "should"something, I want to think again.

Maybe not only change the word to could, but rather change my situation around it.

To decide to do things I truly want. Not because I "think" it is what I want..

Just wants, and wishes and trust that life will support the process.

Are you ready to listen to your hearts deepest desire in 2012?


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