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Happy merry solsmas!

With age I tend to think that Christmas and solstice go together.

To become spiritual was to believe In Santa again and in some way it is.

If we only use 10 percent of our brain, there are things we do not see and things we do not hear or feel.

Unless you are some enlightened master, guru, that can see and hear the unseen.

I used to love listening to them. Some sort of an escape from my reality that I perceived at the time.

With age I realise that the more I am with my reality the more spiritual I become.

it is all about me, really. First and foremost. If I feel good about myself, I can be happy.

No one else can make me happy. Maybe for a little while but not in the long run.

What is solstice for me. What is Xmas for me?

It is to feel good. Be balanced and organised so that I can create and share the reality I feel when I feel good, and that in turn, affects everyone around me.

To be grateful for what I have in my life.

To be present in my present as if it is a constant present to myself.

Then, maybe I can touch one percent more of my brain capacity. So that I can feel, see, hear more of my reality.

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I love you,


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