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Find the solution in silence and heal it with love.

I have commited to 30 days of Bikramyoga after seeing the documentary on Netflix.

I am doing this for future research and I am loving to be a student again.

What I am realising is the importance of consistency. Yes this is what I say to my students and hence, my website. But do we really do the work?

Yes it is nice to do our practice sporadically because it makes us feel good when we need it, but consistency is key if we want to go deeper and grow in our lives.

Let´s say you have a problem. It can be health related or life related.

If you live with this problem and you do a consistent yoga/spiritual practice, you will find the solution. It will come to you. Because you go within. Whatever the practice is, you will have to face a certain challenges that will help you to think differently, to be more silent. To be in void.

This is an opportunity of newness in to your life that you can embrace.

Ask your question and listen to you answer. You know! You always know. No one can't know for you. Not even the greatest Guru out there. You might not get the whole answer but you might get a clue, a direction. Trust this direction and be grateful for the situation at hand. Try and see how it is working for you and bring gratitude and love to it. Love it and feel it dissolve.

I love you, Kristina


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