I am going to let you in on a secret. It is so simple, and yet, it took me half of a life time of studies and experiences to figure it out and to believe, and the only way for me to believe, is to feel.

What if I told you that everything that has a negative feeling wether it is physical or mental is not your reality.

It might be a 3 D reality but not yours. There is a way to see through the veil and that is to connect with the one force that unites us all.

Let me explain:

This is the perfect set that you can do right now to connect with your heart and with the feeling of love:

A great set to do as a practice. Open up your restrictions and feel your way gracefully and gratefully.

With love,


Did you know that we have bacterias and viruses in us at all time?

The stronger we are, the more we can fight all the junk that in us that can cause disease.

This 7 minute set will reset your mood, strengthen your immunsystem, release energy blockages, workout your lungs, legs, heart and arms.

Bring a smile to it as the cherry on top.

Go to video!

I believe that now more than ever, it is important to meditate. There are so many parallell worlds that we deal with on a daily basis that it can be a lot for our minds to cope with.

The virus, 5 G, conspiracy theories, Trump, Quarantine, loss of jobs, loss of life, sickness, fear to name a few.

This can be very overwhelming and it is easy to go outside of oneself for comfort when the only real place is within. Within, is where we will find all our answers and most of all dissolve all our stress, anxiety fear that we may have, with love.

Love is the ultimate force and it is in our control. All we need to do is to tap into it.

Visit the new page now:

This could be the start of your meditation journey. Let's do it together.

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