Tap into the great surplus of energy present during these powerful times, in order to organize, harmonize, coordinate and redirect our inner forces toward self-healing and spiritual growth. As we come together in the spirit of love and healing in this Kabbalah posture, we transform into a unified beam of Light that is projected to wrap the Earth in an aura of protection and stability. Now, more than ever, we must create abundant Light throughout the Earth and brighten the future of our world.

Understand that the Naam Star Kriya is both Divine and magical. All the ratios of the segments created in this posture equal PHI, a number of power and expansion. The Golden Proportion is the most pleasing of harmonic divisions found on Earth.

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The Naam Star Kriya also represents Justice, Mercy, Wisdom, Understanding and the Crown. The first posture in the kriya, with arms outstretched and legs apart, is derived from a symbol of immense power, that performs the great work of spiritual fusion. This first posture, then, represents the illumination of present . It is written that all sorrow and hardship are banished under the protective Light of the Great Star. Work with the Naam Star Kriya, and call upon the Spirit to descend and infuse all the elements of our being, so that we may connect the intrinsic Divinity within the self with the Divine Self. It also balances the positive and the negative polarities.

  1. Foundation pose for all standing Poses

  2. Strengthens the heels and the balls of the feet

  3. Strengthens the shoulders and arms

  4. Strengthens the sacrum (lowest part of the backbone)

  5. Improves the alignment of the body

  6. Improves the balance of the body

  7. Improves the focus with awareness when holding this pose for longer counts

  8. Opens the Muladhara (Root) chakra and Svadisthana (Sacral) chakra

  9. Opens the chest using the rib cage muscles effectively

  10. Great for improving the flexibility of the joints

  11. Balances both sides of the body, hence improves posture

  12. Opens your heart and your lung flexibility

  13. Greater physical stamina.

  14. Creates the golden ratio in your body leading to ultimate health.

The Biomagnetic Practice is a superb full body workout. This very effective healing practice will renew your spine and take care of your lower back, boost your immune system and improve your circulation for optimal wellbeing and a surplus of energy you can draw from for the entire day. Above all, this exercise will make you completely magnetic, bright and full of light.

Let's bring in the light into every cell of or bodies and allow the energy of the moon help us raise our vibration even more.

5 minutes a day until the full moon. Are you in?

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This is a great warmup, wake up series that will open you up from the inside out energetically.

Great to do before a meditation or if you need a quick energiser for better overall health.

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