Breath and arm workout is a short 7 min set if you need to relax your arms and wrists after too much time in front of the computer or if you need a nice stretch and workout in your arms.

Not only will you feel a surge of energy that will be released you will also open up in your meridians so that your body will work better.

Anyone can do this. The breath is the most important! The deeper you breathe the more you will get out of it.

Always keep a strong navel.

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What a combo!!

Energise your meridians in your arms and open your heart and freshen up your mind. Combine it with the 4 time breath to release stuck emotions and strengthen your whole body with the Star Pose. The star is know for its powerful healing effects.

Practise it regularly and you will create the golden ratio of health within.

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Time for a new KK direct video!

The world is changing frequency. Our frequency determines our reality.

Time to shift our frequency and create an even better reality.

check out the video where I talk about it for 10 min and get you to experience it for 12 min.

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