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Promise Rings For Couples What does it mean?

The engagement ring is a symbol of your dedication to each your partner, so the ring should be chosen carefully. Solitaire diamonds or precious stones, it should reflect your love and your personality.

According to the Bible tradition, the betrothal signals the wedding to be coming. But it is more importantly, it is a moment of reflection for the future spouses during which they become acquainted more deeply. This initial commitment helps them to see what the actual commitment of marriage will be.


The fiancee presents an engagement ring which symbolizes his love and commitment to each other, which is usually a sign of marriage.

Although engagement isn't legally binding like marriage. It also gives lovers to introduce themselves to their family and acquaintances. This will prepare them for the transition from single to married.

Today, the engagement has lost its significance as a ceremony. Engagements aren't a means to signify the union of two families, but more of a symbol of love between two individuals and a celebration. You can also get married without getting engaged!

The origins of

In ancient Egypt it was believed that the finger on the left hand was used as a direct link to the heart. According to legends, this finger contains an artery that connects directly to the heart. Thus, by placing a ring on this finger, it means that our heart belongs to the one who gave us the ring. The first rings were made of steel, metal that is a symbol of durability and eternality. The engagement ring, usually decorated with a diamond symbolizes constant dedication and loyalty. The symbolism is derived from the pure and beautiful diamond. To give a diamond is to signify your love with the most sincere and true commitment. Diamonds are thought to be the point of Cupid's Arrows which is a testament to their emotional power. Diamonds have become the ultimate symbol of unchanging and unending love.


For a solemn ceremony solitaire-mounted diamond wedding ring...

For the traditional wedding: Diamond mounted on white or yellow gold the diamond wedding ring is adorned with precious stones, such as ruby, emerald and sapphire...

For a wedding that is unique Ring with semi-precious stones (pink tourmaline), garnet (red) amethyst (purple) lapis lazuli (purple), citrine (yellow) an old ring, pearl, etc.

The diamond is the traditional diamond

The most popular gemstone for an engagement ring is diamond. It is the ultimate symbol of love, since it symbolizes purity and eternality. The diamond was believed by some to encourage an oath of chastity prior to marriage.

The diamond is to be picked carefully, as some diamonds can be dull. The 4Cs determine the value of a diamond such as color, cut (carats) weight (carats), and the purity.

Engagement ring made of precious stones

Although diamond is the most sought-after, other stones are also available for your engagement ring. The color of the stone will have a special meaning for your engagement. The stones can be customized to the style and personality of the bride.

Sapphire engagement rings of Charles Diana

Sapphire symbolizes sincerity and happiness. It is more suitable for the very sentimental. The stone is soothing as the color of the sky or in the sea. On the occasion of her wedding day to the Prince of Wales in February 1981 Lady Diana Spencer received a ring made of an oval-shaped blue sapphire, adorned with 14 diamonds. Prince William presented his new wife his mother's stunning engagement ring.

The ruby

The ruby was considered to be the most precious stone of maharajahs and kings. The legend still makes hearts pound, today, because in addition to the power of love that it inspires it is also believed that this stone will bring harmony to couples... The ruby has been reserved for those with power. The color of the ruby is used to determine its value as with other stones. The most desired color is "pigeon-blood red" it is the color of love. The ruby is a perfect representation of this color. Since the beginning of time, the ruby has been the best messenger and best guarantor of declarations of love.

The Emerald

Emerald symbolizes hope, fertility and financial wellbeing within the couple. The more vivid the green is, the more valuable is the stone. Emerald is the most delicate of stones. It is also the hardest to cut. This is why rings with emerald shapes are usually rectangular or even octagonal in order to keep from shock.

The choice of the wedding ring you choose is yours

Some lovers like to surprise themselves in their own way while others go all out with their partners.

Prince Charles gave Camilla Parker Bowles a ring of platinum featuring an emerald as the center and three baguette diamonds to either side. The ring, which was originally owned by the Queen Mother and is valued at more than $1 billion, was gifted to Camilla Parker Bowles by Prince Charles.

In January 1956 Grace Kelley received, from Prince Rainier III, a platinum engagement ring containing an emerald-cut diamond that was 10.47 carats. The ring's composition is an extraordinary diamond of 10,47 carats surrounded by two baguette cut diamonds that are set on platinum.


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