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Exploring Fantan: A Comprehensive Guide to Playing at W88 and Fb88

Fantan stands as one of the top online casino games, attracting a vast number of players worldwide. Despite its popularity, Fantan is still relatively new compared to longstanding games like Baccarat, Sic Bo, Roulette, or Blackjack. To delve deeper into Fantan and understand how to play it at leading platforms like bookie w88 the no 1 and Fb88, let's explore the intricacies of this captivating game.

General Introduction to Fantan: Fantan, also known as "Fantan Hột Me," is a traditional gambling game with origins tracing back to ancient China. Later on, Macau casinos officially incorporated it into their roster of betting games, attracting a large player base. Today, all major online casinos feature this game, including W88 and Fb88. With its evolution, Fantan has introduced new variations beyond its traditional form.

The game is closely associated with buttons, a bowl, and bamboo sticks. As the game commences, the dealer shakes the buttons in the bowl to cover some buttons, leaving only a certain number visible. Players then predict the number of remaining buttons inside the bowl and place their bets accordingly.

Upon the end of the countdown, the dealer overturns the bowl and uses bamboo sticks to group four buttons together. The result is determined by the number of buttons in the final group, which can only be 1, 2, 3, or 4. Before payouts, players are charged a 5% commission fee. In case of any errors in button count during the process, the round becomes void, and a new betting round begins.

In addition to traditional Fantan, modern software services have introduced the game Super Fantan. This variant is available for play at W88, offering a unique twist by replacing buttons, bowls, and sticks with a board featuring 3 shapes and 6 cards (3 on each side). The winner is determined by totaling the points of the 6 cards and dividing by 4, resulting in the Win ratio.

Registration and Promotion Guide: Step 1: how to register for w88

Log in to your account.

On the homepage, select "LIVE CASINO," then click on "CLUB K."

Choose "OTHER GAMES" and select "STOP FANTAN" to access Fantan.

Place your bets by selecting the desired betting amount.

Promotions at Fb88:

Even/Odd Bet: Pay ratio of 1:1.

Zheng Bet: Pay ratio of 1:1.

Fan Bet: Pay ratio of 1:3.

Nim Bet: Pay ratio of 1:2.

Kwok Bet: Pay ratio of 1:1.

Tong Bet: Pay ratio of 2:1.

Chun/3 Doors Bet: Pay ratio of 3:1.

Step 2: Play Super Fantan at W88

Log in to your account.

Select "LIVE CASINO," then click on "PLAY NOW CLUB W GRAND."

Choose your preferred gaming room.

Place your bets by selecting the desired betting amount.

Promotions at W88:

Expanding on the various betting options and their payout ratios in Fantan enhances the understanding of the game's dynamics and provides players with more strategic insights. Let's delve into each betting option in detail:

Even/Odd Bet: This straightforward bet involves predicting whether the total number of buttons remaining after the dealer's final grouping will be even or odd. With a payout ratio of 1:0.95, players receive slightly less than their original bet amount if they win. Despite the lower payout, this bet offers a relatively higher probability of winning due to the binary nature of the outcome.

Tai/Xiu Bet: Tai (Big) and Xiu (Small) refer to the total number of buttons remaining after the dealer's grouping. Tai represents a total of 4 buttons, while Xiu encompasses totals from 1 to 3 buttons. With a payout ratio of 1:1, players receive an equal amount to their original bet if they win. This bet presents a balanced risk-reward ratio, making it a popular choice among players.

Fan Bet: The Fan bet allows players to wager on a specific number, predicting that the final group of buttons will contain their chosen number. With a payout ratio of 1:2.85, players stand to win nearly three times their original bet amount if successful. Despite the higher payout, this bet carries a lower probability of winning due to its specificity, adding an element of excitement and risk to the gameplay.

Nim Bet: Nim bets involve selecting two numbers, betting that one of these numbers will be present in the final grouping of buttons. If the result matches one of the chosen numbers, the player wins. However, if the other number appears or if neither number is present, the player loses the bet. With a payout ratio of 1:2, this bet offers a balanced return on investment, attracting players seeking moderate risk with potentially rewarding outcomes.

Kwok Bet: The Kwok bet requires players to choose two numbers, betting that at least one of these numbers will be present in the final grouping of buttons. With a payout ratio of 1:1, players receive an equal amount to their original bet if successful. This bet provides a straightforward and evenly balanced betting option, appealing to those looking for a dependable and uncomplicated wager.

Total Point Bet: This unique bet involves predicting the total sum of points obtained from the cards in the Super Fantan variant. With a payout ratio of 1:19, players stand to win a significant return on their investment if they accurately predict the total point sum. However, due to the wide range of possible outcomes and the rarity of specific totals, this bet carries a higher level of risk but offers substantial rewards for those willing to take the chance.

By understanding the nuances of each betting option and their respective payout ratios, players can make informed decisions and devise strategies to maximize their chances of success while enjoying the thrilling gameplay experience offered by Fantan.


In conclusion, the comprehensive guide provided here offers insights into playing Fantan at renowned platforms like W88 and Fb88. With straightforward gameplay and diverse betting options, Fantan promises an engaging experience for both new and experienced players. Whether you're already a member of W88 or Fb88 or considering registration, don't hesitate to explore this enticing online casino game and note withdrawal w88.


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