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Top 10 Most Popular Football Betting Types

If you're into sports betting and keeping an eye on bookmakers' odds, you probably want to know about the various types of football betting currently prevalent in the market. Each type of bet carries its significance, odds, and different gameplay. Don't let yourself miss out or misunderstand these betting options. In the following article, Wintips will introduce betting tips over 2.5 you to the top 10 most common types of bets.

Asian Handicap (Handicap Betting)

This is a betting level suitable for players in the Asian region. The odds offered by bookmakers are diverse and attractive, allowing players to comfortably make their choices.

In Asian Handicap betting, teams are divided into the favorite (stronger team) and the underdog (weaker team). When these two teams compete, to create fairness and excitement in betting, a handicap is given to the favorite team against the underdog team. From here, Asian Handicap has evolved into various types such as half-ball handicap, one-ball or three-quarter-ball handicap, etc.

Over/Under Betting

If you're betting on a reputable bookmaker, you shouldn't overlook Over/Under betting. In football betting, Over/Under is favored by many because it's easy to play and understand. In this type of betting, you predict the total number of goals scored in the match with a specific number. Just place a bet that this number will be higher (Over) or lower (Under) to win the bet.

Nowadays, besides predicting the number of goals, bookmakers also offer betting on the number of cards, penalties, and various other situations that can be quantified.

1x2 Betting (Full Time Result)

1x2 betting is symbolized as 1 × 2. For this type of bet, players have three options to choose from: Win – Draw – Lose. The rules of winning and losing in betting are straightforward. Whatever option you bet on, you will win according to the odds offered by the bookmaker in that market. 1X2 betting also offers a wide range of options, giving players many choices to participate.

3-Way Combination Betting

Another popular type of football betting is the 3-way combination bet, combining the Asian Handicap and 1x2 bets. In this betting scenario, players still choose one of the three outcomes: win – draw – lose. However, it doesn't stop there; a similar handicap is applied as in Asian Handicap to determine the overall outcome. This way, players place simple yet engaging bets due to the handicap rule.

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Double Chance Bet

Originating from the Asian handicap market, aiming to enhance the winning opportunities for bettors, leading bookmakers may offer two or three combined bets. Some common combinations include: Home team win or draw (1 or X); betting on either the home team or away team to win (1 or 2), and betting on draw or win (X or 2). However, the payout for this type of bet is not very attractive because its winning probability is higher.

Both Teams to Score Bet

During betting, it's not surprising if both teams score. As the name suggests, you can understand the meaning of this type of bet. Players will bet on one of two options: Yes (Goal) or No (No Goal). Of course, knowing whether you've chosen correctly is straightforward.

If both teams score in the match, it corresponds to the "Yes" option; otherwise, if both fail to score or one of the teams doesn't score, it corresponds to the "No" option.

Draw No Bet

Many people find the 3-way bet too risky because if the two teams draw, it results in a loss. That's why some leading bookmakers offer Draw No Bet. In this bet, the bettor only places a bet on which team will win the match. If the match ends in a draw, you don't lose the bet, and the bookmaker refunds the stake.

Even-Odd Goal Betting

Besides over/under betting, you can also bet on the even-odd goals. The two options are even or odd. It's a very simple, understandable, and easy way to bet.

This betting method mainly relies on chance, but learning and understanding the rules will help you win more. For this bet, players wager on whether the total goals of both teams will be even or odd. If the final result is even, the bettor wins, and vice versa.

If you don't want to worry about calculating which team will win, you can totally go for this bet. Don't forget to monitor the real situation of each team for more accurate predictions!

First/Last Team to Score or No Goal Bet

Scoring a goal is the most exciting and dramatic event in football, which is why there are many goal-related odds available. One of them is betting on which team will score first or betting on a team not to score.

This type of bet predicts which team will score the opening goal, the next goal, and if there will be no goals. It's mainly offered by reputable, high-quality bookmakers with skilled expert teams providing various odds. This bet is used for major tournaments and is easy to play because the winning odds are 50-50.

Moreover, during goal betting, even if the match is temporarily interrupted, the bet still counts. Therefore, as long as a team scores, the bettor still has a chance to win. This betting rule is entirely different from most other football betting types currently in use.

Margin Goal Betting

Among the top 10 football betting types, Wintips wants to mention margin goal betting. In this bet, you predict the goal difference between two teams in a match. You can bet for one half or the entire match as you like. What will be the final score difference for that team when the match ends?

The betting odds are available before the match starts. There are many options for players to bet on, such as both teams drawing with 0 goals, drawing but with a score difference of 0-0, betting on the home or away team winning by 1, 2 goals, 3 goals, or 4 goals and more.

The calculation of margin goal odds is based on the Asian handicap odds as follows: Winnings = Player's stake x corresponding betting odds with the number of goals offered by the bookmaker. However, this betting amount is only valid for the 90 minutes of the match and does not include extra time. The bet will be void if the match is postponed or canceled.

Above, Wintips has shared with you soccer tips website the top 10 most popular football betting types today. Each type of bet has its characteristics, ways to play, and different betting odds. Hopefully, through this article, you have gained useful information and achieved many wins when participating. Now, visit the address of reputable bookmakers to choose the suitable type of bet to experience!


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