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Why do you always lose in football betting? #5 Reasons Keeping You Away from Success

Why do you always lose in football betting? Is a hot keyword whenever it appears in the betting community. And it's not without reason that so many people are interested in this. In fact, the number of people losing bets every day is incalculable. Among them, most players make fatal mistakes without even realizing it.

We at Wintips.Com have compiled some main and relatively common reasons along with the most effective ways to overcome them in the article below.

Why do you always lose in football betting?

To clarify the reasons why you always lose in football betting, I will share 2 main groups of reasons below:

Reasons from the players themselves

The first group will be the system of factors coming from the players in football betting, and not every player pays attention to these factors.

These are the lack of combat experience, as well as the subjective mentality, arrogance, and contempt of newcomers.

Lack of real combat experience

It can be affirmed that learning as well as accumulating experience is the fastest way to success in any field.

And betting is the same; if you participate in placing bets after a long period of research and long-term calculations, your chances of winning will be much higher than normal.

But not every player understands this, leading to continuous serious mistakes such as reckless betting, making money on impulse, etc.

Reckless betting

Everyone who comes to football betting wants to make money quickly.

However, this is one of the main reasons why you always suffer losses.

Specifically, when you want to win, you tend to bet recklessly without careful and detailed calculation.

Then I realized I ran out of capital long ago and couldn't complete the initial betting strategy.

Underestimating the opponent

There is an interesting truth that every bettor must admit, that the more you play, the easier it is to lose compared to when you start.

This is a mistake due to the subjective, arrogant nature of a part of players who are too confident.

Accordingly, when participating in many games and having some knowledge of betting tips and bookmakers' betting methods.

Players tend to relax, while bookmakers constantly try to research and change their operations every day.

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Playing without goals

This is a mistake that no player can avoid in their betting career.

But not every player can be observant and learn from their previous failures.

You must remember that everything needs goals and stopping points. Be satisfied with what you have achieved and stop playing at the right time.

Don't be too greedy and play by the river without much thought.

Listening to intuition

All forms of betting, from simple to complex, require you to have certain reasoning and calculations.

Therefore, this is not a type of random money depending on luck. So, blindly listening to intuition 100% is extremely wrong.

You can still listen to your feelings, but don't believe blindly and ignore specific evidence.

"The Dark Side" of the betting industry

Along with subjective reasons, there are also some other objective reasons due to the "dark side" of the betting industry. For example:

a) Is football betting a scam?

There is no accurate answer to whether football betting is a scam or not. Depending on the bookmaker or your participation address, the answer may change completely.

Specifically, large, reputable units operating under the licensing and management of a state organization will never have fraud or intimidation of players.

However, along with that are many "imitation" bookmakers operating with the aim of extracting money and exploiting their customers.

b) Is betting real?

Just spend a few minutes researching the history of football matches, and thousands of results will appear.

This shows that the manipulation, control of betting results from the puppeteers behind the scenes is undeniable.

Therefore, you can completely lose money if accidentally choosing this type of bet.

Summarize 5 secrets about football betting

As explained above, there are many secrets or hidden corners in the online betting industry that you may not know.

To minimize the risk of defeat, you should not overlook the 5 secrets that any bookmaker wants to hide below:

#1 The number of winners is not high

First, when asked if football betting can win or not? I will answer you that it can, but not much.

In fact, the number of winning players, earning money from top 10 bookmaker is only a small number compared to the total number of losers.

#2 After every match, there is a mysterious "hand"

Next, another secret related to match-fixing is the mysterious "hand" behind every match and betting table.

Rich puppeteers can completely change the situation between two teams, whether famous or not.

#3 Strength is not everything

When comparing and analyzing bets, you must remember that strength is not everything. A strong team does not always win in the end.

There are countless football matches in history witnessing the strong rise of clubs seemingly lying under the odds, leaving viewers astonished.

Therefore, you should be really careful when making any decisions.

#4 Not always the minority is wrong

The crowd psychology is applied in most forms of betting, including football betting or gambling.

However, not always the minority is wrong and disadvantaged in competitions.

#5 Bookmakers' betting formulas

Finally, every bookmaker has certain formulas that you cannot know in advance.

These can be extremely subtle tricks that make players fall into failure. Or even false information that makes you confused and worried.

What should you do if you lose too much?

It's normal to win or lose in the game, but many people appear helpless every time they receive bitter results.

So what should you do when you lose too much money?

There is a famous saying in the football betting world: "Losing is not a failure, but giving up."

Therefore, the most basic and important thing is that you must keep yourself calm and sober.


Why do you always lose in football betting? We have answered this in the above article.

To become a smart player, you need to overcome all your weaknesses and common mistakes from today onwards.


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