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What is Asian Handicap Betting? Quickly Grasp Knowledge About This Type

Asian Handicap betting can be said to be one of the most attractive, suspenseful, and engaging forms of betting for most bettors on trading platforms. Therefore, almost every bettor must learn how to participate in this type. So let's take a look at the comprehensive knowledge below from to understand more about this type of betting.

What is Asian Handicap?

Asian Handicap is a form where bookmakers assess the contrast in theoretical level and current ability between two teams. In this case, handicap odds are provided to balance out the current differences and bring the competition to a balanced state.

This type is also known by bettors as handicap betting, spread betting, or some readers may call it over/under betting in football. When making the choice to participate with money, bettors must understand the principle that the upper-hand team must win over the opponent by a greater margin than the odds set. Conversely, the lower-hand team must not lose by more than the handicap set.

There will be many different handicap betting odds on the trading floor depending on the contrast in the skill level between the two sides. Because if the estimated difference is larger, the odds will be higher. Conversely, when the skill level doesn't have much difference, the betting odds that appear will certainly not be too high.

Understanding the Asian Handicap symbols on the trading floor

Before wanting to participate in Asian Handicap betting, investors will need to understand the information, symbols that appear on the board:

Deciphering the symbols:

FT: Full match time betting.

HDP: Handicap betting type.

O/U: Over/Under betting type.

1X2: Asian handicap betting.

HT: Betting time calculation in the first half of the match (45 minutes and injury time).

How to read in detail

The blue box at the top of the odds table represents the competition where the competition takes place. For example: England Premier League.

The blue arrow indicates all types of betting options provided. Bettors will combine corresponding symbols and refer to the decoding part above to accurately read the names of the betting types.

The red box shows the names of the two competing teams.

At the position of the two black arrows are where the bookmaker list represent the two handicap odds respectively for the full match time (column number 2) and the first half (column number 5).

The light blue odds represent the Reward Odds levels used to calculate winnings.

Analyzing the win-loss of Asian Handicap bets

It's not easy for a betting newbie to grasp all the knowledge when participating in handicap betting. So let's immediately refer to the Sports section below to understand how to calculate wins and losses in common odds:


Asian Handicap draw requires bettors to simply predict the team that wins in the competition to make a profit. If the player's prediction is wrong, the initial bet will belong entirely to the new online bookmaker. In the case where both teams cannot determine the winner, the odds will be considered a draw, and the initially placed bet will be refunded to the account.


At the half-ball handicap odds, bettors above will profit if the winning team wins. Conversely, if the player's choice is the underdog, the team must not lose for the bettor to make a profit. In the case of a draw, investors who chose above will lose half the bet amount, and those who chose below will make a profit.

Half one

The half one handicap level, or denoted as 0.75 or 3/4, will determine wins and losses based on the following instructions:

If the stronger team beats the opponent with a difference of 2 goals: Bettors who choose the winning upper-hand team will win the full amount, while those who choose the lower-hand team will lose the full stake.

In the case where the handicapped team wins with a difference of exactly 1 goal: Investors choosing the losing team will lose half of their capital, and bettors choosing the team under the handicap will win half of the profit.

When the match ends in a draw or the weaker team wins: Bettors who choose the upper hand will lose, and those who choose the lower hand will win the full amount.

We have just been provided with the most detailed knowledge of calculating wins and losses in Asian Handicap betting from top experts at Wintips. Hurry and visit the website address to create an account and invest in your preferred options.


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